INN PARADISO, my new album, is about to be released digitally - physical release (CD and possibly vinyl) coming in a couple of months. Thickly layered music played by multitudes, fuzz-boxed folklore from a people not yet discovered. Electronic, acoustic and steam-driven, all at the same time. And yes, there really are escalators, trains, wolves and all kinds of other things on it. See the teaser video below. Enjoy!
• Wrote the music for an indie comedy pilot - a half-hour single camera sitcom. BLOW ME is the adventures on an earnest German actor (Christian Oliver) trying to make it big as a Schwarzenegger-style muscle movie star in the era of superheroes in tights. Aided by his hapless German agent (Flula Borg), they start a gardening service in Hollywood to meet influential types that may help their careers. The pilot stars Jeremy Sisto as TV's Golden Boy and features appearances by Tony Shalhoub, Dave Foley and Matthew Lillard. Coming soon to some type of screen near you. Fun stuff.
• Just finished music for a new video art installation piece titled FEAR ITSELF by the formidable Eileen Cowin. (Image below from one of her prior works.) More details coming soon.

Michael Polish's breathtaking BIG SUR is now on DVD & iTunes! This beautiful film - a New York Times Critic's pick, no less - is based on the novel by Jack Kerouac, stars Jean-Marc Barr, Kate Bosworth, Josh Lucas, Radha Mitchell, Stana Katic and Anthony Edwards, was shot by the amazing David Mullen and features a score by yours truly, together with Bryce and Aaron Dessner (of The National.) You can preview and download the end title on my blog "kubisms". There you'll also find a link to an article at the ASCAP blog about my music for it.

• The first two tracks from my upcoming album INN PARADISO just came back from mastering. The very (multi-)talented John Rodd (who also mastered the Breaking Bad soundtrack albums, among other things) did quite a number on some truly challenging material - may be the most ambitious and adventurous music I have written yet. Can't wait to share it with everybody. Coming this spring