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Check this out you filmmakers out there.  A true challengs ahead if you are up for it. 

Under the motto "Listen/Imagine/Create… Where do the tracks take you?" the FILM2MUSIC COMPETITION invites filmmakers, animators, and video artists around the world to “visually score” a track of their choice from the recently released CD CINEMATIC. With a November 1st submission deadline, the cash prize competition asks filmmakers to create short films that are inspired by one of the tracks on the CD.  
CINEMATIC was released earlier this year by composer Kubilay Üner, a CD with twelve tracks of acoustic instruments and electronic sounds intended to conjure up vivid images and evolving stories in the listener. 

 “There are plenty of contests for music videos and for short films.
But we’re pretty sure this is a first: A film competition where a composer asks filmmakers to follow a piece of music with their visuals instead of the other way around, and in the process show the world just where the music took them,” states Üner. 
The competition offers a generous reward to the winning filmmaker: The Grand Prize is $10,000; two Second Prizes are set at $1,000 each. A panel of six internationally renowned filmmakers, including
writer/director Michael Polish (Northfork) and producer Clark Peterson (Monster, My Date with Drew), will determine those winners. 

 In addition to the juried prizes, a worldwide Internet audience will
vote for one Online Audience Award winner, who will receive $5,000. Interested filmmakers are encouraged to register and get started as soon as possible to maximize their popular voting opportunities.
“This is an unusual and, I hope, tempting assignment for a filmmaker,”
expresses Kubilay Üner. “Normally filmmakers know ahead of time the underlying story, what their film will be about, but determine the
particular form and flow of the film more or less in the course of working on it.  Here the form and flow are predetermined by the music, but the subject of each film is wide open.”
Any visual style or format is permissible in the submitted films -
live action or animation, realistic or abstract, whatever the filmmaker
feels fits the music best.  However, nothing besides the unedited music may be used in the soundtrack. Filmmakers are encouraged to be creative, daring, and think outside of the box. “There are so many ways to approach this besides the traditional” says the composer, “for instance, filmmakers could take footage they shot years prior, let it interact with the music, and create an entirely new experience. Or they could put the music in their portable player, go outside and literally improvise to the tracks with their ‘instrument’, the camera, and edit it later.” 
The idea for the contest came about when, after the release of
CINEMATIC, Üner was approached a few times by filmmakers expressing interest in shooting a short film to a track from the CD. “That’s when we said: We have to see this! After all, this is what the album is all about. So let’s create a framework that encourages filmmakers to actually make it happen.”
The competition is intended to appeal both to accomplished filmmaking professionals who would like to experiment with new forms of expression, as well as to capable amateurs and film students. “This is a challenge that goes beyond student films,” says veteran TV producer and Film2Music judge James C. Hart. “This is a challenge that provides an opportunity for professionals in the Film and Television business (…) to really express themselves and fulfill a passion that they haven’t had an opportunity [to fulfill] in the past.”
According to Üner, “We set the registration fee very low at $9 so
students and amateurs can easily participate, but made sure the cash awards and the quality of the judges are high enough for experienced
filmmakers to want to enter as well.”
So far, the competition has been publicized exclusively online since
its launch earlier this month. Already, several dozen filmmakers from
three continents have registered, ranging from young filmmakers eager to prove themselves to an experienced network TV producer wanting to push new creative boundaries.

More information, official rules, the opportunity to listen to the
music and a few brief video interviews with the composer and three of the judges are available at the competition website at www.film2music.com. Registration for the competition is now open via the website. The deadline to submit the finished short film is November 1, 2006.

19 Sep 2006 by Ken M.